Nimble Advertizer

Monetize Live Streaming with Server-Side Ads Insertion for Nimble Streamer

Nimble Advertizer is a server-side ads insertion (SSAI) framework which allows dynamically insert personalized ads into live streaming content. HLS, RTMP, SLDP and Icecast outputs are currently supported.

Dynamic ads insertion

  • Pre-roll ads per each connection
  • Flexible timing for mid-roll ads
  • SCTE-35 markers support
  • Per-stream ads insertion
  • Personalizedads
  • Customizable business logic


The workflow is easy to adopt within any business logic

  1. Nimble Streamer media server processes incoming streams to get content
  2. Nimble Advertizer calls your handler web application to get business logic description
  3. Advertizer gets files with advertisements to process them via Nimble Streamer according to your logic defined via handler
  4. Nimble inserts the ads into original media and packages it into output protocols
  5. End user connects to Nimble and gets the stream containing original content mixed with advertisements
  6. Playback is running smooth regardless of ads insertion over time
You can track ads performance over time using ads insertion logging capabilities.

Demo page shows live streams with ads insertion, with full details on Advertizer setup.

Check full technical spec

Full technical spec shows how exactly you can use all those features.

Server-side Ads Insertion framework is a premium functionality

Nimble Advertizer premium functionality is integrated into Nimble Streamer, you need to subscribe for a monthly license to activate and use it.

100 USD per month per server

Get a license for each Nimble Streamer server instance where you want to enable SSAI. You'll have a separate active subscription to cover all licenses and if you need to add more of them, you'll make a proportional payment.
Feel free to sign up and subscribe for WMSPanel account to proceed with Nimble Advertizer usage.

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