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Streams availability distributed checker
Powered by WMSPanel and Nimble Streamer
Works for any media source

Improving quality of service

Every streaming media business wants to bring the best possible quality of service. This requires a variety of techniques, tools and metrics. One of the basic but efficient practices is the stream availability check. This needs some external point of view at your streaming infrastructure hence the additional efforts.

We make the hard work for you

Dispersa makes the combined availability check of any given stream, analyzes it and finds bottlenecks.
The check over is performed via distributed network of checkpoints where each checkpoint is a server powered by Nimble Streamer instance.

HLS, HDS, Smooth, RTSP, RTMP, Icecast, Shoutcast and DASH protocols are supported with SSL/TLS for HLS, RTMP and RTSP.

You can perform both one-time and periodical check over.

Check any stream right now for free

Enter the stream URL to start the availability check over. For HTTP protocols like HLS you should specify the URL of the playlist or manifest.

E.g: http://video.wmspanel.com/local/raw/nimble.mp4/playlist.m3u8

Monitor your streams 24/7

Set up Dispersa to check your streams periodically and get monitoring statistics.

More quality control features Coming soon

  • Profiling.
  • Quality of experience metrics.

Contact us if you need any special check over for quality of experience for your business.